bookLaw Redd provides expert and responsive audit, review and other attestation services.

We offer more than just financial statements, audits, reviews or attestations.  We believe a well-planned and properly conducted engagement can provide valuable insight into operational efficiencies, internal control weaknesses and business opportunities.  To that end, our engagements are designed to be a springboard for improved internal controls and procedures, as well as, tax planning that is proactive rather than reactive.

We carefully assess the specific needs and circumstances of each individual organization before the engagement begins.  We develop a thorough knowledge of the client’s industry and its specific operating environment to give us a comprehensive view of their business and organizational characteristics which allows us to design and provide the best approach to each engagement.

Services provided include:

  • Independent audit of financial statements
  • Compilation and review of financial statements
  • Analyses of internal accounting and operating controls
  • Reports on compliance and internal controls
  • Single audits


  • Comfort letters to bond underwriters
  • Reports to audit committees
  • Attestation engagements
    – Examinations
    – Reviews
    – Agreed-upon procedures

We provide a practical and sound approach to meeting your audit, review and attestation requirements.  Our experienced staff is able to transform what is sometimes viewed as an intrusive event into a positive interactive experience from which valuable information about your business operations is gleaned and shared.  We emphasize early planning to identify key issues related to your organization so that our engagements are conducted efficiently and with maximum benefit to you.

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